Thursday, August 18, 2005

Tent City Bids Farewell to Lake Washington UMC

Lake Washington United Methodist deserves a pat on the back for its selfless and smooth hosting of Tent City 4. The church managed to apply for permits in time, stay out of court, mollify the neighbors, and most importantly, provide a safe home for people in need. The stay at Lake Washington proves that TC4 can be a good neighbor, and that all the hype and hysteria put out by tent city opponents just masks a cold, heartless NIMBYism. Congrats to Rev. Jim Head-Corliss and the Lake Washingtonians.

This TC4 stay, as well as the prior stay in Kirkland, illustrates the folly of Bellevue's city council in approving its unnecessarily restrictive tent city ordinance. What a huge difference from the compassion and hospitality shown by Kirkland's city council. In the end, Bellevue blew it for its taxpayers as well -- having spent $150,000 on legal fees in a futile attempt to keep TC4 away.


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