Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Death of Brother Roger

The death of Brother Roger Schutz of Taize is a very sad moment for the ecumenical community. Taize came to symbolize a common liturgical vocabulary for the church, one that crossed denominational, ethnic, linguistic, and national boundaries.

A favorite mode of contemplation for me over the years has been to listen to a cd of Taize songs
I purchased at the Episcopal Book Store and let the music wash over me until I would feel relaxed and prayerful. The Friday services at St. James have shown me this is so for many others, too. Taize is the one "liturgical" service that Catholic and Protestant can share in without division. I think others, non-Christians, also innately sense the genuineness of the Taize mood and recognize it as true, spiritual worship.

For this we thank Brother Roger. We thank God for the fruitfulness over many years of his ministry. And we wish him God's peace in his eternal life in Christ.


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