Sunday, August 14, 2005

First Day

This is the blog's first day, and I'm already wondering what to write. I'm thinking this blog will be a collection of thoughts, musings, rants, and dreams about ecumenical social justice in Seattle. My hope is it'll allow folks a peek into the challenges and joys of the Church Council, and that most of all it'll be fun. My goal is to write something every day (at least M-F).

To start with, I'd like to point to a great event today -- the celebration of Tent City 4's presence at Lake Washington United Methodist Church in Kirkland. Mayor Mary Alyce Burleigh was there, and she deserved all the praise she received about how well Kirkland has handled the challenge of TC4. We all feel the same sense of consternation about Bellevue's approach, and I've been interested to sense real fighting spirit on the Council board's part, on the part of churches who've hosted TC4, and on the part (second hand albeit) of the Temple Bnai Torah folk who'll be hosting TC4 in November.

Nice note today from a local Buddhist leader who proposed some Buddhist/Christian dialogue and joint events. Great idea!


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