Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Letter to Port of Seattle Withdrawing from Airport Decor Committee

June 5, 2007



Mr. John Creighton, President

Port of Seattle Commission

2711 Alaskan Way

Seattle WA 98121


Dear Mr. Creighton,


With this letter the Church Council of Greater Seattle formally withdraws from the Interfaith Airport D├ęcor Committee of the Port of Seattle.  After repeated attempts to reverse the Port's decision to demolish the Lora Lake Apartments, we have decided it no longer makes sense to focus on an issue of little consequence while a far larger issue goes unaddressed.


This area's religious community has taken the lead on the goal of ending homelessness in King County.  In 2003, our religious community called together a diverse group of local civic leaders with the goal of ending homelessness in 10 years.  That group has crafted a plan that calls for creation of 9,000 housing units.  The plan has been adopted by municipalities that represent 84% of King County citizens.


The Port's decision to tear down 162 units of housing at Lora Lake is the single largest setback our anti-homelessness effort has encountered.  We are devastated by the Port's unwillingness to change its plan, accept direct responsibility, or provide proportional mitigation.  This decision stands in spite of communications from numerous religious groups, community leaders and individuals.  I directly requested a change of heart from the Port Commission on May 8, and only one commissioner, Alec Fisken, was open to my request.


I am disappointed that the Port of Seattle is not more cooperative with important local civic causes, such as the goal of ending homelessness.  I hope and pray that such will not always be the case.  When the Port accepts its responsibility to collaborate on widely-held community goals, the Church Council will once again be willing to engage it in partnership.


With hope for a better future,

Rev. Dr. Sanford Brown

Executive Director



At 5:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I support your withdrawal from the Decor Committee, and respect your work to find low income housing.

However I oppose any attempt to keep the Lora Lake apartments from being torn down. It is vitally important for the health and safety needs of all persons, including homeless and low-income, to not be expected to live in the flight line of a major airport.

I support the Port's decision to turn the property over to commercial use and safeguard the health of many immigrants and other low-income persons. I believe those tenants receive Section 8 housing.

The health of those tenants who have been/are being displaced is more important than seeming to be politcally correct. I am personally aware of the tragic costs to health from living nearly as close to the airport as the Lora Lake complex.

Indeed the airport has no need to "celebrate" holidays, much better to put its monies toward celebrating speedy transport of passengers and baggage. We are not a Christian nation, nor a Jewish nation, etc. and we owe ourselves a religion free airport. Who wants the affront of coming upon atheistic or pagan decor while in transit.

Airport Neighbor Already


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